Pepper Stumpdumpling

Hobbit Treasure Hunter


Pepper Stumpdumpling
Culture: Hobbit of the Shire
Standard of Living: Prosperous
Cultural Blessing: Hobbit Sense
Calling: Treasure Hunter
Shadow Weakness: Dragon Sickness
Specialties: Herb Lore, Tunneling, Burglary
Distinct Features: Adventurous, Elusive
Valour: 1
Wisdon: 2

Body 2 (5)
Heart 7 (8)
Wits 5 (7)

Athletics 1
Awareness 2 (Fav)
Explore 1 (Fav)
Song 1
Craft 1
Travel 1
Insight 1
Courtesy 3
Persuade 1
Stealth 3 (Fav)
Search 2 (Fav)
Riddle 2
Lore 1

Virtues: Art of Disappearing

Bow 3 (Fav)
Short Sword 2
Dagger 1

Parry 5
Armor 1d+1

Endurance 23
Fatigue 8
Hope 19

Gear: Leather Shirt, Leather Cap, Bow, Short Sword, Dagger, Dwarven Compass


Pepper has been a resident of Lake Town for some time. 5 years ago his parent made the great adventurous walk east. They were inspired to make the great journey from the Shire to Lake Town after the triumphant and fantastic return of Mr. Bilbo Baggins. Upon his return all of the Shire was filled with a buzz as his tale was told and retold at every home and tavern. Upon hearing of these adventures and fortunes many Hobbits took to The Great Road!

Pepper’s parents raised him to live freely and boldly! He has learned that one must brave The Wild in order to claim fame and fortune! Pepper has had several small excursions into the outskirts of The Wild and proudly returned home with minor treasures and trinkets.

Pepper Stumpdumpling

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